Even though we are the most isolated capital city in the world, Perth is a long-lasting and flourishing diocese within the AYCS community. We have two local groups, one of which was the biggest local group in Australia! These include the Ursula Frayne School Group in Victoria Park and our newly formed Indigenous Leaders Groups in the Perth Hills.

As a local group, Frayne has had many successful reviews, including ones on homelessness, individuality, school stress and most recently mental health, increasing our presence and impact into the school community. Our Indigenous leader’s group has focussed on many issues that are prominent within their student realities, a core concept within the YCS community.

Although we are one of the smaller dioceses in member numbers, Perth YCS has a strong presence within the areas in which are groups are situated, allowing us to engage with other groups within Perth with a common interest. Within our YCS diocese, we are able to engage with our faith as well as engaging many issues in the wider world in new and interesting ways. This is done through our diocesan camps and gatherings that enables us to connect as students with each other and problems within our world at a deeper level than can happen with the classroom.