Adelaide YCS is a newly developed and rapidly developing AYCS Diocese. Adelaide has two groups in total, one of which was established in 2017. These include the Cardijn College school group in Noarlunga and the Black friar’s school group in Prospect. Cardijn College has completed many powerful Review of Life’s on pollution and littering, bullying, homelessness, self-acceptance school stress. The school stress action video, shown below, was a true highlight for all the Adelaide YCS students, a day where people could relax and forget about schoolwork.

Black Friars have focused on many Review of Life’s including human trafficking also, raising money through a sausage sizzle.

Adelaide YCS engages in faith in a modern way to excite and intrigue younger students whilst making their meetings fun and active. They pride themselves on discussing views in an open, accepting and respectful way, which builds friendships that last a lifetime. Adelaide not only focusses on their local groups but also strives to be an advocate for issues of social injustice in their community, regularly attending events such as refugee walks, beach clean-ups, plus many more! They also run many training programs and social events that allow the students to engage in many different worthwhile actions.

Adelaide Term Two Meeting Recap
Adelaide Student Attends Parramatta YCS/YCW Relations Weekend
Advocacy Action for Mental Health