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Campaign - 2014 to 2016


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BreakFree: free the mind, free the child.

The BreakFree National Campaign was chosen by the National Conference in January 2014. It promotes the positive mental health and wellbeing of all young people, including the 1151 children in immigration detention centres around the country. This issue was identified to be of extreme importance as it affects many young people around the globe. The Australian Young Christian Students have decided on two asks:
1. End Child Detention
2. Have psychologists and mental health workers avaliable for children in detention. 
The third ask will be chosen in July of this year after students have examined the mental health of young people in their area of the country. 

Australia Day 2014 will be the kick start to the new campaign! Get involved on Facebook @ the AYCS Aus Day 2014 Action: BreakFree


 Campaign - 2012 to 2014

At the 2012 National Conference, the 2012-2014 National Campaign,


After an online poll and analysing the different topics that were reviewed by local groups in 2011 the issue was current and a direct violation of childrens rights in Australia. 

The campaign to date has been the most successful AYCS National Campaign to date with actions taking place across the country by students and the YCS developing the 'End Child Detention Australia' Coalition to lobby for the rights of the children. 

Students in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide have met with politicians and discussed the issue from a high school student's perspective and responses have been positive. 

We thank all AYCS students and supporters for their efforts with the campaign, we hope that children in detention have heard their messages of hope and the government has heard the call to action.