About us

The YCS Principles gives you some idea about what we are all about!

It sums up our mission, what we believe in, why we exist, and how we work. You don’t have to memorise them or anything, but it’s just good to know that they are there if you are ever confused about how anything is being run, or why we do certain things!

  1. The Young Christian Students’ Movement of Australia is led for, by and among secondary school students.
  2. It is inspired by and wants to live the mission of Jesus Christ among secondary school students.
  3. It has a specific task of formation and education of secondary school students.
  4. It believes in the Review of Life (it reflects on the encounters of students, judges these encounters in light of their faith and develops action) as its method of education.
  5. Its faith in Jesus Christ challenges students to an active response among, with and on behalf of all secondary school students.
  6. It commits itself to working for justice and peace, especially among secondary school students.
  7. It is a Local, Diocesan, National and International Movement and accepts that it has responsibility at all these levels.